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Equipment Repairs/Services



Texas Products has been providing superior service and repair of oil field products for over a decade. Our company maintains a large supply of oilfield machinery parts that allows us to deliver fast and efficient service. We have the skills and knowledge to quickly perform oilfield equipment repairs to ensure minimal downtime. Texas Products understands the necessity of having reliable equipment at the well site. Our goal is to provide quality workmanship fundamental to dependable service. All equipment rebuilds are mag particle inspected and pull tested. Our repair and service department can restore equipment to “like new” condition. We strive to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations to guarantee their satisfaction.

  • RIG GULF ServicesWireline Oil Savers

    Wireline oil savers are critical to ensure safety at the well site by minimizing the risk of explosions. It’s important to inspect the equipment frequently for wear and potential leaking. If the wireline oil saver is not performing properly, it’s important to have it repaired right away. Texas Products has replacement parts in stock for all types of wireline oil savers and can perform quick and efficient repairs.

  • Pumps

    Pumps are an important component of wireline oils savers. They must operate effectively for the wireline oil saver to perform properly. Texas Products has replacement parts available for the service and repair of both Star and Pine pumps.

  • T-60 Spiders

    T-60 Spiders are used to hold the tubing string as it is raised or lowered from the well. The equipment requires periodic maintenance to ensure safe operation. This includes making adjustments, lubrication and changing slip inserts. Only trained personnel should attempt to repair the equipment. Texas Products has experienced personnel that can service T-60 Spiders and make any necessary repairs.

  • Slip Type Elevators

    Slip type elevators are used to handle tubing operations and prevent bottlenecks and gauge damage. The equipment should be inspected regularly for signs of corrosion, deterioration, loose or missing parts and proper lubrication. This may involve disassembly to inspect critical components for wear. Texas Products offers service and repair of slip type elevators.

  • Manual Tongs

    Manual tongs are often used to fasten or break connections on drill pipes, casing joints or couplings. Manual tongs should be inspected regularly for cracks, wear and missing parts. The use of damaged equipment may result in injury. Texas Products can repair manual tongs and perform torque testing as per API specifications.

  • Elevators

    Elevators handle tubing operations and prevent bottlenecks and gauge damage. They should be inspected daily for corrosion, deterioration, loose or missing parts and deformation. Elevators should be disassembled annually to check pin diameters against the bores. Worn parts should be replaced. Texas Products offers service and repair for elevators.

  • Slips

    Slips are used to grip the drillstring without damaging it. They are equipped with replaceable steel teeth used for gripping. The equipment should be inspected regularly for signs of wear and damage. Texas Products offers replacement parts and repair for slips.


Texas Products also offers regular well service maintenance for elevator and tong. We offer safe and reliable elevator services to assist with tubing operations. Our tong services provide support with pipeline assembly or disassembly.

Texas Products offers quality parts and service for oil field and swabbing equipment repairs. Our services guarantee the safe and reliable performance of equipment required for critical operations at well sites. To learn more about our repair services, contact us today.

***All Equipment Rebuilds Are Mag Particle Inspected & Pull Tested