Within the energy industry, it’s important to deal with a progressive company that knows the challenges facing the oil industry. With more rules and regulations than ever before, experience counts when purchasing products for oilfield drills and other equipment vital to production demands. Whether you need swab cups, mandrels, rope sockets or other parts we here at Texas Products have exactly what you need.

Swab Cups

When strength and durability are at the top of your list, oilfield swabbing parts such as our swab cups can handle any job that’s thrown their way. One of our most popular cups is the TX-TA, a medium-duty variable lip cup that’s all rubber. Great for lighter loads, it’s made of softer rubber to provide greater flexibility. Complete with either a steel or aluminum bushing in many sizes, it can run on any swab mandrel.

If it’s heavier loads you’ll be dealing with, our TX-JS cup might be your best bet. This oilfield swabbing part is made to lift maximum loads from any depth, and is our most dependable and durable heavy load cup. What makes this cup so popular is its ability to provide an upstroke seal and compensate for wear and tear while still maintaining a high level of performance. Other types of swab cups available include TX-J, TX-TUF, TX-NUF and TX-GW.

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Swab Mandrels

Our swab mandrels are considered the best in the industry because of their durability and ability to be used with a variety of swab cups. Our most popular mandrel is the single-knuckle version, which is designed to run our rubber or wire type cups. The lower part of the mandrel contains deep grooves that allow for faster falling, while its one-piece construction prevents separation and disassembly once inside the well.

Another mandrel, the double-knuckle version, is convenient because it allow a swap cup to be changed in mere seconds. With no threads on the swab knuckles, there’s no threat of galling and damage. No tools are needed to change out the cups, making this a great choice for those who value convenience and realize time is money.

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Rope Sockets

Our rope sockets, designed with simplicity in mind, are made to ensure a strong and simple connection between the sinker bar and wireline. With a grooved fishing neck at the socket’s top and bottom, an overshot can grab hold and allow for free turning. With sockets available for wireline sizes 1/2″, 9/16″ and 5/8″ we’ve got just what you need.

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Tubular/Spang Jars, Sinker Bars

When you need the best tubular jars, spang jars and sinker bars for your oil wells we take pride in having only the best. Our spang bars have an O.D. ranging from 3/4″-2 1/2″, while the stroke range is from 10-30 inches. The tubular jars have an O.D. range from 1 1/8″-1 5/8″ and a stroke of 20-30 inches. Sinker bars have an O.D of 1 1/8″-1 3/4″ with a range of 5-10 feet, so you can be sure to find exactly what you need.

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Safety Tools

No matter what you’re doing, it’s always safety first. This is incredibly important on an oilfield, where faulty equipment can lead to disaster of epic proportions. One of the best safety tools is our Type C Releasing Attachment, which allows for a simple and automatic release from a wireline oil saver. Needing no adjustment during operation, it releases automatically when the rope socket contacts the locking dog.

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Hydraulic Wireline Oil Savers

Possibly the most important part on any oilfield, the hydraulic wireline oil saver minimizes the danger of explosion and fire while cutting costs by saving oil. With all our oil savers using rubber that’s resistant to oil, gas and abrasion, they are very efficient ways to ensure low-cost oil removal while keeping the area safe. The Type H and HD oil savers have proven to be very reliable over the years, with thousands of installations across the world. Known for giving solid seals and being very durable, these are great choices for your wells.

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When you need well service swabbing equipment, Texas Products is the place with which to do business. Whether it’s swabbing equipment for drilling that next big gusher or having a question answered by our team of experts, we at Texas Products provide parts for many varieties of oilfield equipment. If you’d like to place an order or ask a question, contact us today for all your equipment needs.

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