Oilfield Rig Accessories and Handling Tools

If you are in the oil or gas business then there are certain tools that will be essential to the success of your oil field rig. Below we’ve provided a short list of just some of the tools that will ensure you achieve the best quality and quantity of gas or oil you extract the next time.

Tubing Strippers

If you are extracting oil or gas from the earth, you will need to pump the material through some sort of tubing. The tubing stripper not only cleans the tubing as it is being pulled under pressure, it also prevents oil or gas from escaping the tube as well. Tubing strippers are available in a range of sizes to fit almost any size tube. We offer the TX-JU Tubing Stripper in addition to the Hall Tubing Stripper and would be happy to discuss which option would be a better fit for your equipment or situation.

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Tubing Spiders

A tubing spider, such as our fast and reliable TP-60 Tubing Spider serves the purpose of holding the drill string while assemblies or reassembles of the drill string are being done. The TP-60 also boasts the added advantage of only requiring one person to operate it, and is interchangeable with other models of G spiders.

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Pipe Wipers

Pipe wipers remove debris and mud from the pipe while it is being pulled or run. There are many pipe wipers out there to choose from, some of the finest of which are our own Ingram International Single, Dual or Split Level Wipers. Dual and split level wipers are more popular than the low level ones. The difference is that as the pipe wiper wears, it can be re-cut to fit the next available cutting ring saving the rig time and money. However, the price for a low level pipe wiper is pretty much high.

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Rod Guides

Rod guides will help to reduce the rod wear, tubing wear and even lifting cost. We offer both Nylon and Rubber rod guides which act as spacers between the rod couplings and the tubing bore. Rod Guides also increase pumping stroke by ensuring the rods fall straight and don’t buckle, which means reduced lifting costs.

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Rod Stripper

Similar to the tubing stripper, the rod stripper works to remove excess oil or paraffin from all sizes of rods or piping, while it is being pulled.

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Handling Tools

In addition to the above, we offer various handling tools to assist you in your work with rods and coupling joints. The right tool can make any job easier, and our experience in the field has led to the creation of tools that do just that.

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If you are in the oil or gas business, then give us a call or place an order right now. Our trusted sales team will guide you through the process from purchase until you actually receive your product. We are waiting to answer any questions or queries you might have about any of our products.

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