GW Cup-Type Packers

GW Cup-Type Packers

GW SS 2 Cup Packer1 GW Cup Type PackersThe GW cup-type packer is available in a full range of tubing or casing sizes, in two-cup or four-cup models, with either standard or special cups. In its simplest form, the two cup GW has a one-piece seamless steel mandrel with top and bottom box connections. It has no latch or locking mechanism to be fouled by sand, shale, or mud. It has no slips, does not require tubing weight to be set, and packs-off equally well at any point in the hole. Simplicity of design, rugged construction, and low cost; make the GW attractive to the operator for a wide variety of applications.

         GW Packer (Standard)

The Standard GW Packer has a seamless steel mandrel with an extra large opening.  Standard GW, Standard Heavy-Duty GW and GWD Heavy-Duty cups fit this packer.  The Standard GW packer is suitable for all applications involving normal pressures.

         GW Packer (Special)

The Special GW Packer has a full-opening, thick wall, seamless steel mandrel, making it an excellent choice for rugged-duty, high pressure applications. The Special GW and Special Heavy-Duty GW cups fit this packer.

GW-SS 2 Cup Packer Assembly

PACKER DRWNG 0 GW Cup Type Packers

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