Downhole Tools

Texas Products Well Service Division is part of the greater Ingram International, Inc. Formed officially in 2010, Texas Products focuses on the manufacture and distribution of well service, drilling, and oilfield equipment. The first “TP” products started being developed in 2001 and have come a long way since them. Texas Products operates out of an over 30,000 square foot facility located between Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas, in Arlington. We boast about our qualified and competent staff, who have over 100 years of knowledge and sales expertise in the oil and gas fields, and are striving to learn more every day. With oil prices continuing to rise every day, Texas Products strives to bring maximum value to customers while realizing minimal turnaround times.

Two of our downhole products are the TM Mechanical Tubing Anchor and the Type “F” Cup Tester.

TM Mechanical Tubing Anchor

The TM Mechanical Tubing Anchor is a product that is designed to holding tubing strings at defined levels of tension or compression during pumping in order to prevent buckling in the tubing. For years these tubing anchors have been used to hold tubing together, but the TM Mechanical Tubing Anchor goes the extra mile. Not only does the tool keep tubing from buckling under normal conditions, but the stainless steel drag strings found on the anchor employee low stress values in order to minimize or completely wipe out failure even under corrosive conditions. If the tubing does happen to part while this tool is attached, the tubing anchor will catch the tubing so that it can be easily accessed for repair and not cause further damage.

This tool will help to increase pumping efficiency while reducing the amount of wear realized on the rod and tubing, making it essential for any operation. Unlike other anchors or catchers, the TM Mechanical Tubing Anchor cannot be easily released with right-hand rotation. A shear release on the tool only allows it to be active by an upward pull, ensuring that the tool will not accidentally become disconnected. As mentioned above, this tool features stainless steel drag springs, enclosed slips, and a rotation or shear release, as well as a safety release value that is easily adjusted.

Type “F” Cup Testers

Cup testers are a necessity for any drilling operation, and the Type “F” Cup Tester from Texas Products is sure to be one of the highest quality around. These cup tester assemblies are designed to be attached to the drill string and then lowered into the casing that lies underneath the wellhead. Once there, the tester will pressure test the blowout preventer stack, as well as the wellhead. The process works by applying pressure to either a test pump or by hoisting the cup tester after filling the entire hookup with water. While the method of applying pressure to a test pump is useful, a more accurate and timely representation of the limits of the blowout preventer stack and wellhead can be found using the water method.

These tester assemblies come with standard IF (Internal Flush) connections. There are several other quality connections available for purchase from Texas products at a minimal additional cost. These Type “F” Cup Tester Assemblies are rated to the API standard mill test pressure for all casing sizes up to 10,000 pounds per square inch. Additional reinforcing can be offered on all cup sizes and casing weight ranges that hold up to 15,000 pounds per square inch, so you can be sure that Texas Products will be able to deliver the cup tester you need for every single one of your important jobs.

When using the cup testers, special caution should always be used to ensure that drill pipe load capacities are never exceeded. One way of doing this is adding the weight of suspended pipe to the vertical load due to pressure. A simple math equation can be used to find this by multiplying the cup pressure area in square inches by the pressure. No matter what your job is, there is a cup tester that can fit your needs.

Texas Products has the downhole tools that you need to ensure that you are doing things the most efficient and safe way possible. We have the tools that fit all of your job sizes, and other accessories that can help you make these products your own. If you would like to place an order or have any questions about these products, we are always happy to take your call. We will do our best to make sure you get the products that are right for you.